Kwad Nation

Best way for quad pilots to create content and earn crypto



What is KwadNation?

It is the best way for quadcopter pilots to create content and earn crypto.
The idea behind Kwadnation started after  I saw Mr. Steele's Dive, Dive, Dive YouTube video, back in April, the one that runs in the background at this very moment. I had zero experience with quadcopters, but I knew that I have to learn to fly like this.

The idea is simple. This is a  platform  where pilots like you that put effort and time in creating awesome videos are rewarded with a special designed cryptocurrency called the KwadCoin. 

It is a place that brings together like-minded people and creates an environment in which pilots like you can share their FPV flying experience with the whole world.
And yes, it generates value that translates into a reward system fueled by our own currency, the KwadCoin. The cool part is that you can share your videos on Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Patreon, etc, but also here on KwadNation.

How does it work?

Simple. You just post your Youtube or Vimeo url with your FPV experience( a flight, or a build, maybe a Q&A session, etc), share this with your friends, and the platform will reward on a weekly basis  the first 100 posts that get the most likes here on KwadNation.

KwadRep anyone?

KwadNation’s reputation reward system (KwadRep) is a reputation system that allows reputation to be built by just posting your FPV experience.  The more reputable you are, the more KwadCoins you will earn.  Each post that will bring  a positive impact on someone, will get you a positive vote.


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