Think about KwadStops as checkpoints, the only difference is that you are not in a timed race and you can choose between getting through them or not. Ok, maybe that was a bad comparison. KwadStops are in fact your favorite local hobby shops. That place that allows you to build that quad, or the place where you get your favorite props, motors, frame, well, you get the picture.

Think about it this way: the local hobby shop owner is a KwadNation member – he supports the community by helping others. We then support his business by offering KwadCoins to his clients. The clients get the part that they came for, but also get a bonus, some free money in the process. The owner gets more clients, the clients get more than they pay for, the KwadCoin gets stronger and more valuable – you get the picture, a win-win situation, right?

And you don’t have to do anything but continue to visit your local hobby shop, except maybe suggesting a favorite place of your own.



Each time you take part in a FPV competition, or event(something like FliteFest), you can also get your free KwadCoins. It is our way to support members of the FPV and  R/C community to share their passion with others. Who knows, maybe you can also buy some FPV related gear from your favorite KwadStop.



We want to build a community and create a blockchain based reputation. So we will develop a system where you can register yourself on the blockchain.The KwadId  structure enables everyone in the KwadNation network to create an unique digital identity for personal or commercial uses. This identity can be fused forever with the blockchain to make you visible as a person or a brand, not just a number. You can even register your drone on the blockchain, register your faa remote pilot certificate, you name it.  We will email you  a QR code with your kwadid so you can stick it on your qwad. So each time  you travel, anyone can check your profile and see your reputation. This can act as an international, transparent way of showing who you are, and what you can do with your quad.